Fully Flair you feet with a year's worth of shoes from Lakai!

Entry Closes July 15th

First Place: 8 pairs of shoes from Lakai

   Second Place: 1 pair of shoes from Lakai

Third Place: 1 pair of shoes from Lakai

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Who is the paternal father of Lakai rider Riley Hawk.

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Fully Flare your feet with a year’s worth of shoes from Lakai!

Lakai Footwear sprang to life in 1999, and quickly became one of the most well respected companies in the skate shoe game. Having been founded by the pairing of legendary street skating pioneers Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, Lakai prides itself on being a brand that is owned by skateboarders, operated by skateboarders, and worn by skateboarders.

The team has undergone several facelifts over the course of the company’s 22-year history, but Lakai currently endorses such a wide array of talent as Vincent Alvarez, Riley Hawk, Yonnie Cruz, Jimmy Wilkins, Stevie Perez, Griffin Gass, and Simon Bannerot, to name but a few.