It’s utter Madness…and a bit of a Hazard.

Entry Closes July 15th

Up for grabs we have:


1 x Sam Beckett Spellbound Impact Light deck – 8.75”

1 x Alex Perelson Bipolar Slick deck – 8.375”

1 x Mind Universe R7 team deck – 9”

1 x Radioactive CS conical wheels - 54mm

1 x Bio CS radial wheels - 51mm 

1 x Swirl CP radial wheels - 55mm

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Sam hails from Norfolk, as you know, but which ‘Alan’ is intrinsically linked with Norfolk’s county town of Norwich?

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It’s utter Madness…and a bit of a Hazard

To celebrate the appearance of Sam Beckett’s mammoth interview in this very issue of The Skateboarder’s Companion, Madness Skateboards and Hazard Wheels have joined forces to kit three of you lucky readers out with a fresh deck and a shiny set of new wheels each!