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If your life could benefit from an injection of quality Meow gear, simply answer the following question before 01/07/22.

To help celebrate the momentous tenth year of Meow, we’ve been given the following packages to pass on to three lucky readers:


1st prize - 1 x Meow deck, t-shirt and beanie.

2nd prize - 1 x Meow deck and t-shirt.

3rd prize - 1 x Meow deck.

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Meow Skateboards Competition


2022 sees Meow Skateboards celebrating their tenth birthday, having been founded in 2012 by ex Rookie Skateboards rider Lisa Whitaker. In the intervening decade, Lisa’s Meow empire has grown considerably, and currently supports one of the finest all female teams in the world, with handpicked representatives including Vanessa Torres, Mariah Duran, Kristen Ebeling and Poe Pinson, to name but a few.