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A Smörgåsbord of SmörgåsBOARD by Josh Sutton

How do you introduce a book like SmörgåsBOARD? I think it's fair to say that it is singular in its existence, and crafted with a spirit as dynamic as the 57-year-old skateboarder behind it, Josh Sutton. Hailing from (near) Leeds, Josh first picked up a board at the tender age of 51, and rapidly fell for our four-wheeled life-consumer with an abundance of youthful enthusiasm. Since that pivotal day six years ago, Josh has gone on to volunteer with SkatePal, set up his own independent publishing company - the mighty Red Fez Books - and has helped no shortage of skate-focused titles not only come into physical existence, but find their way into the hands of the skaters they were created for.

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Having previous contributed to Sahten: The SkatePal Cookbook, and authored his own camping culinary consort Guyrope Gourmet, SmörgåsBOARD represents the next evolutionary leap, as Josh seamlessly weaves his six years of skateboarding adventures with an insatiable love for travel and a palate eager for edible exploration. Starting out in West Yorkshire, SmörgåsBOARD invites you on an effervesent journey across the entirety of the U.K., before setting its sights on Palestine and Taghazout, sampling and democratising local dishes along the way.

As with every release to come from the Red Fez Books stable, SmörgåsBOARD's 150 pages are thoughtfully compiled, impeccably written, and littered with vibrant artwork, photographs and illustrations, and the heavyset book is more than deserving of a spot on the bookshelf of any self-proclaimed skateboard, travel or food enthusiast. To help get this point across, Josh has very kindly sent over a selection of pages from the book for us to share with you - a smörgåsbord of SmörgåsBOARD, if you will - so have a scroll below now to sample the richness that awaits, then head on over the Red Fez Books site to secure your very own copy. There are 20 individual dishes on the SmörgåsBOARD menu, and disappointment certainly isn't one of them.

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