Adam Mondon interview from Slam City Skates and Ben Powell.

Over the course of the last few years, the Slam City blog has certainly become something of a hub where stories from skateboarding's past – both recent and distant - are being shared and catalogued.

Luminaries such as Mike Manzoori, Steve Kane, Dan ‘Jagger’ Ball, Brad Johnson, Carl Shipman, Sam Ashley and Corey Duffel have all taken to the Slam hot seat of late, for insightful and exhaustive grillings by either Neil MacDonald or Ben Powell.

This time around, it’s Adam Mondon who has found himself the subject of a five-hour trip down memory lane, conducted over Zoom by Ben Powell during the closing weeks of 2020. For those of you who may be unaware, Adam is a skateboarder and filmer from East Anglia, who played no small hand in producing the celebrated 2001 VHS release First Broadcast. Prior to joining forces with Dan Magee at the turn of the century, Adam was responsible for helping put East Anglia on the skateboarding map, producing full-length videos such as Tough Guys and Ex-Rental, and putting the likes of Frank Stephens and Ben Rodriguez on the national radar. Adam also steered The Harmony from it’s inception in 2005 – one time home of Joe Gavin, Eddie Belvedere, Danijel ‘Jugga’ Stankovic, Jak Pietryga, and Tom Harrison, to name but a few.

Anyway, grab yourself a brew, set aside the next chunk of your day and click the heavy collection of heads below to get reading!

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