Best of 2021: Helena Long

The globe-trotting, multifaceted Poetic Collective professional Helena Long takes over our Best of 2021 proceedings today, to give you an insight into the various skateboard related curios that have made an impression on her over the course of the last 12 months. Have yourself a scroll below now, and enjoy some recent Helena footage in the Kevin Parrott produced Slam City X Thrasher edit by clicking here!

Skater of 2021: Oosh, that’s a hard one. There are too many candidates. Charlie Munro just smashed it in his Free part. Chris Oliver for continuing to blow minds on the regs. Rob Matmaan because he’s so steez. Ville Wester and Jaimie Platt as a duo…Tom Knox for the longest and most insanely impressive lines of all time…

Trick of 2021: Kyle switch heel the platform at SB, and Aurora nailing the 50-50 all the way at Stockwell.

Video part of 2021: I’ve seen too many videos this year! Off the top of my head it would have to be all the parts in the recent Bronze vid and Vans Nice to See You. Also Heitor, Kyle and Charlie in the Palace vid.

Quote of 2021: “Have you ever had a perm?” Song of 2021: The The - This Is The Day Favourite clip filmed in 2021: Probably a clip from the Vans Marseille trip video. :)

Favourite non-skating pastime of 2021: Cycling and playing with the band.

Event of 2021: Blokes Fest Road trip of 2021: Camping and surfing with Sirus and gang for his birthday in Cornwall. Skater to watch out for in 2022: Merryn Garner, Dougie George, Adelaide Norris, Willow Fernandes. Oh, actually one to watch out for is Notis Aggelis, most definitely. The thing you’re most looking forward to in 2022: Hopefully more skate travels with more wonderful people!

Ride on backside lipslide, London. Photo: Leo Sharp.