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Best of 2021: Lucy Adams

Lucy crooks at The Beehive, her favourite spot. Photo: Jenna Selby.

We’re hyped to declare that Lovenskate’s Horsham connection and certified rad mum Lucy Adams takes the Best of 2021 reigns today. Have yourself a scroll below as Lucy brings to your attention a handful of things that have caught her accomplished eye over the course of the last 12 months, and be on the lookout for something new from Lucy coming your way in the near future…

Skater of 2021: I'm gonna have to agree with the majority on this one, because…BEAST! Kyle Wilson, no doubt.

Trick of 2021: Back noseblunt nollie flip out – (Mark) Suciu in one of the many ridic parts he threw out this year. Video part of 2021: Again, popular opinion - Kyle Wilson, Beyond the Third Wave.

Quote of 2021: “Seminal lensman”. Song of 2021: Damn, it was actually 2020 but I've still had a lot of mileage out of it this year - Where the Fuck Did April Go? by The Streets.

Favourite clip filmed in 2021: I filmed this little casper thingy for Diggs' part that I was really stoked on!

Favourite photo shot in 2021: Ride on 5050 in Manchester that Reece (Leung) shot back in April.

Favourite non-skating pastime of 2021: Marching around in leaves with Sonny, my son. Event of 2021: Battle of the Stone at Graystone! Was sick to see real rad live skateboarding going down.

Lola Tambling at Battle of the Stone.

Road trip of 2021: Me, Em and Sonny took a drive down to Newquay back in May. Got to hang out with some old mates, skate Concrete Waves and Mount Hawke, and shoot my second fave photo with Cora (Stocker)!

Lucy and Cora, doubling up at Mount Hawke. Photo: Leo Sharp.

Skater to watch out for in 2022: The one and only Diggs English.

The thing you’re most looking forward to in 2022: Sonny and I going on dawn raids to the local when spring comes!

Lucy heelflips in Leeds, December 2021.

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