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Catching up with Helena Long from Vans Europe

To coincide with the release of her debut collection from Vans, Robin Pailler was recently sent to south east London to catch up with the one and only Helena Long!

Helena discusses filming her Much Quiet section with Sirus around a deserted London, how she has passed her downtime following a recent bout of knee surgery, drumming in her band Upset Stomach, and how she's drawn on a variety of personal influences to piece together her debut collection for Vans.

The collection launched at Stockwell on Saturday, so should be in stores and waiting for you now. Head to your local Vans stockist ASAP, pick up some pieces from the collection and show some mandatory support for the incredible Miss Long!

Check Robin's video below, also featuring Daryl Dominguez, Cece Asembo, Beatrice Domond, and the members of Upset Stomach.

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