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Feeling Scene - Cardiff with The Ben Raemers Foundation

The Ben Raemers Foundation head to the city of Cardiff for the first instalment of their all-new series, Feeling Scene.

The series hopes to highlight various key scenes around the country, not only looking at what is going on within the city skating-wise, but also showcasing mental health services that are available in the local area. Chris Jones takes the lead for this first Cardiff episode, which also features Barney Page, Brian Delatorre and Jamie Platt, as they hit a variety of street spots dotted around the city, before ending at a special Foundation event at Spit and Sawdust. Along the way, Mike Ridout and Christian Hart offer up some Cardiff history, and Susie Crome chats with representatives from local mental health groups.

Filmed by Nick Richards, additional filming by Harry Deane and Mike Ridout, edited by Nick Richards and Rob Mathieson.

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