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Rollersnakes Day Trip 3: Saffron Walden

The third Rollersnakes Day Trip is now live! This time around, the crew visit Saffron Walden. Here's what Forde Brookfield had to say about the mission...

We arrived at Saffron Walden on the hottest Friday of the year at around 11am to a very energetic George O’Neill already shredding the park, so we jumped right into the action. Jesse Thomas arrived shortly after with Chris Hudson & Danny Moore (who sadly snapped his thumb clean out within 30 minutes of arriving).

After a few hours of the boys breaking in the bowl, we where then kindly accompanied by our friends Ian Hopkinson, JT & Hell Yeah Son’s very own Alex Diss.

The session came to a close just after 10pm, with everyone worn out and sweaty from skating in 30°+ weather all day.

A few of us camped out on a field next to the park for a bright and early 8am start the next day. Heathen Skateboards' Dave Davies arrived geared up and ready to go with his good friend John Howlett, and they demolished the rails in a cute doubles only act.

George - stalefish. Photo: Rob Whiston.

Jesse - fastplant. Photo: Rob Whiston.

Jesse - frontside air. Photo: Rob Whiston.

George - one foot. Photo: Rob Whiston.

Snakes Day Trips 3 - Saffron Walden.

Filmed by Toby Batchelor & Forde Brookfield

Edited by Toby Batchelor


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