Rollin' Through The Boro 2021

What: Rollin' Through The Boro Where: Middlesbrough When: 13/06/2021 (aka ‘the hottest day of the year thus far’) This event was part of our Rollin' Through... series where we descend on a North East town/city and spend the day hitting as many spots as we can with as many skaters as possible. It doesn't get much simpler than that. With the relative easing of lockdown restrictions (and the distraction of an England game), it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get back on the skate event hype. We had crews from as far north as Ashington and as far south as Wakefield attending, which was mental. The turnout was unreal and it was great to see so many buzzing faces, old (never the case with a skateboard in hand) and new. Reconnecting with the wider NE skate community, taking the mick out of old mates, watching the crew do what they do best on skateboards and getting stoked by fresher legs, and the boundless enthusiasm of both seasoned vets and those newer to the scene, made the day more of a success than we anticipated. To summarise, there were smiles all round by the whole crew, including Joe Public, who stopped to take in the action from time to time. Be on the lookout for various social media posts. We're going to be talking about this for a while...sorry, not sorry. Thanks to everyone who made it through from the four corners of the North East. Especially the locals, who turned out in force and did Middlesbrough proud! Next in the series will be Rollin' Through Sunderland in August. Keep an eye on @ShredTheNorth for more news on that nearer the time. Finally, wherever you are, grab the crew, charge your batteries and go exploring. There's gold in them there streets! Peace, #ShredTheNorth

Photography by Blind Johnny and Matt Johnson.

Jamie Cairns - frontside tailslide. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Andy Pike - frontside boardslide. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Connor Stokes - backside smithgrind. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Jack Veitch - nosegrind 180. Photo: Matt Johnson.

Danny Calow - heelflip. Photo: Matt Johnson.

Connor Stokes - frontside flip/Muska flip. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Michael Kelly - nollie backside flip. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Matty Bee - noseblunt pull in. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Piotr Sidorowicz - hippy jump. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Connor Stokes - crook tailgrab. Photo: Matt Johnson.

Piotr Sidorowicz - boardslide. Photo: Matt Johnson.

Jamie Cairns - frontside noseslide. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Dan Main - backside tailslide. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Connor Stokes - frontside nosegrind. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Alethea Mountford - boardslide. Photo: Blind Johnny.

Connor Stokes - frontside wallride. Photo: Blind Johnny.


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