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Sabbath Wheels - Black Mass at Fastlands - 13/11/22

Sabbath Wheels has joined diabolical forces with Ideal Skateshop, Vans and Heathen Skateboards to bring you a Black Mass gathering at Birmingham's staple Fastlands spot.

Consider yourself cordially invited to Brum on November 13th to get involved with the various best trick jams, and to claim your share of the prizes which will be waiting for you on the proverbial Sabbath altar. Each of the four brands will have their own custom contest on specially built Fastlands obstacles, with other best trick jams naturally taking place on the exisiting features.

Consult the flyer below - featuring Callum Sidlauskas - for all you need to know, and keep an eye on the Sabbath Wheels Instagram in the lead up to the event for further info and Black Mass hype!

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