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Sirus F Gahan - picking up a bug

With absolutely zero fanfare, Sirus F Gahan drops an 11-minute treat for the senses in the form of picking up a bug.

You all know that Sirus is a master of his craft so you're going to be watching this one anyway, but if you need a list of the humans contained within, prepare to be greeting by Jamie Platt, Ville Wester, Billy Trick, Wes Knowler, Lloyd Clipston, Conor Charleson, Rich West, Sam Murgatroyd, Val Katz, Joe Paget, Mikey Patrick, Matt Keegan, Alfie Williams, Francis Peters, Zach Riley and Matlok Bennett-Jones.

Atmospheric annihilation of Auld London Town (with a sprinkling of mainland Europe) awaits...

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