Skateboarder And...Jono Coote.

If you're not already familiar with Mat Lloyd's Skateboarder And... podcast, what are you doing?

Each week, Stevenage local Mat Lloyd sits down for a chat with skateboarders, to discuss not only the act of skateboarding itself, but the subjects other passions, be it music, art, the industry, or something completely unrelated.

The latest Skateboarder And... podcast sees Mat talking to ex-Sidewalk Magazine staffer, and author of the 'hot of the press' skateboard-centric travelogue No Beer on a Dead Planet, Jono Coote.

Jono talks you through his personal journey in skateboarding, from starting out snapping his sister's board in Hastings, to landing a full time job working for Sidewalk, before heading over to Australia and New Zealand for a year and writing his first book.

Click the play button below to listen now, then be sure to pick up a copy of the brilliant No Beer on a Dead Planet from Red Fez Books as soon as humanly possible. And keep your eyes peeled for more from Jono coming your way in the near future...

As a final note, 10% of the profits from the sales of the book are being donated to The Ben Raemers Foundation, which is obviously another reason to support this amazing publication!