SMiLe: Chris Jones for The Ben Raemers Foundation.

In February last year, The Ben Raemers Foundation released the first two of their SMiLe films, which saw known professional skateboarders opening up about their personal experiences with mental health. Nick Jensen and Aaron Herrington starred in the initial pair of films, and today, the SMiLe series continues, with Isle Skateboards professional and Coychurch native Chris Jones sitting down for an open conversation focused on his own mental well being.

Please set aside the eight and a half minutes running time of the film, and watch the whole thing from start to finish. We can't applaud Chris enough for sharing his story, or the good people at The Ben Raemers Foundation for helping get important conversations such as this heard.

The Ben Raemers Foundation have just relaunched their website too, which now includes information on help and support with mental health issues, an insight into the training that the Foundation are undertaking within the skateboard industry, an archive of their informative animations, along with the aforementioned previous SMiLe films.


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