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The Decimal Video - teaser

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

James Harris has been working on The Decimal Video for a while, and now that the release has been officially slated for January next year, the longstanding Circencester store has decided to unveil their first proper teaser.

The whole crew have been going in for this one, and we'll have plenty of content to send your way upon the video's release in early 2022, but for now, enjoy this brief taste of things to come, then start anticipating a whole load of new footage from the likes of Scott Whittaker, Callum Croft, Riccardo Hillier, Ollie Trott, Andy Coleman, Ty Sackey and more.

To say we're hyped for this one would be something of an understatement; props to Gaz, James, and the team for making it happen!

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