The Lizzie Weartest at Gregtopia by Vans UK

Last Friday, the UK Vans crew, along with an assembled cast of family members and friends, took to Greg Nowik's transitioned backgarden haven known as Gregtopia in order to wear test Lizzie Armanto's first pro model shoe, The Lizzie.

Along for the day trip to Southampton were Lola Tambling, Ben Broyd, Jordan Thackeray, Tom Delion, Stef Nurding, Shaun Currie, Sean Goff, Jack Wallbridge, Jake Snelling, Jake Collins, Baz Dan, Taylor Jones, Giz, Emily Hicks, Lilly Strachan, Aaron Jago, Dennis Roberts, Dean Greesmith, and many more familiar faces from all over the country.

The day included cash for tricks jams on both the mini and the vert, much needed sports massages courtesy of Stu Smith from Lovenskate, and - in keeping with Lizzie's love for plants - gardening workshops, alongside food, drinks and shoes for all.

Have a peruse of Rob Whiston's collection of photos from the day below now, scroll to the end of the article for the full video recap, then read more about The Lizzie over on the Vans UK site!

Ben Broyd gets the vertical proceedings going with a textbook slobplant.

Lizzie backside airs whilst J-Thaxx extends a backside boneless.

Lola Tambling sends a solid melon into the 'cash for tricks' jam mix.

The main Bloke himself, Jake Snelling, with a backside layback (above) and a frontside air (underneath).

The one and only Sean Goff with a frontside lipslide.

Ben Broyd, back once again with a frontside layback.

Jordan escaping the vertical mayhem with a frontside air on the mini.

Jake Collins locks into a mid-run frontside feeble.

Watch the full edit below, filmed and edited by Ryan Gray.


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