Tom Lock in Falling Upwards

Having drifted away from skateboarding over a decade ago, Norwich native and one time Landscape Skateboards rider Tom Lock has recently returned to the fold, being added to the Drug Store Skateboarding line-up following his interview in the last issue of Grey.

Yesterday, Tom and Henry Edwards-Wood released the fantastic Falling Upwards, an all new video project from the pair which focuses on Tom and various London based friends, including Jacob Sawyer, Joe Walker, Domas Glatkauskas, James Sofo, Kaitlene Koranteng, Kavita Babbar, Deimante Sprainaityte, Harry Wilson, Taylor Jones, Dexter Harrison and Jess Holland.

Enjoy Falling Upwards now, then head over to the Grey site to take in Tom's Volume 05, Issue 10 interview.


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