'Trapped' by Chris Komodromos - DVD extras.

Back in April, Chris Komodromos released his solid 20-minute Southbank production Trapped, support by SB Skateshop. The DVD release followed shortly after, which came complete with a 20-minute extras montage, featuring a whole load of additional Undercroft footage that didn't make it into the main video.

The Trapped extras montage is now online, so dive in below for a whole load more VX Southbank radness, then be sure to pick up a copy of the DVD before they're all gone!

Featuring Ashura Parchment, Doug Parmiter, Twiggy, Mr Brown, David Retkes, Slim, AJ, Joel Banner, Josh Mayson, Joshua Mason, Nelly Mayele, Henry Edwards-Wood, Aref Koushesh, Rosemary, and many other Southbank locals and passing friends.


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