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War of the Thistles 23 - photo gallery

The annual Skateboard Scotland orchestrated War of the Thistles returned to the True North for the bank holiday weekend, ensuring two days of grassroots four-wheeled mayhem to appropriately distract all and sundry from the medieval monarchical madness that was unfolding in London.

As is now customary, Transition Extreme in Aberdeen played host for day one, whilst 146 miles away in Glasgow, The Loading Bay received the traditional second day battering, with heads from all over Scotland and beyond turning out in droves to get involved and try their hand at winning one half of the fabled War of the Thistles sword. Never one to shy away from a good road trip opportunity, Tidy Mike loaded up his van with eager Fore-Cast affiliates from the West Country and battled his way north through bank holiday traffic, with Alex Hallford and Jordan Thackeray each retaining their positions as War of the Thistles victors for day one and day two respectively.

Dean Mackie shared a banging edit from the first day at Aberdeen which can be watched here, then have a scroll below for some photographic highlights from the weekend, courtesy of Ross Macphee and Kerr Melville!

Day One: Transition Extreme, Aberdeen.

Taylor Sim, handplant. Photo: Kerr.

Jordan Thackeray, backside noseblunt. Photo: Ross.

Alex Hallford, blunt fakie. Photo: Kerr.

Alex Hallford, blunt fakie. Photo: Ross.

Sox, lein air. Photo: Kerr.

Anthony McSorley, frontside smith. Photo: Kerr.

EndezS Chavez, 360 flip lipslide. Photo: Kerr.

Campbell Barclay, stalefish. Photo: Kerr.

Jordan Thackeray, bluntslide. Photo: Kerr.

Matthew Wood, hip ollie. Photo: Kerr.

Taylor Sim, nosepick. Photo: Ross.

Taylor Sim, nosegrind. Photo: Kerr.

Endez Chavez, backside tailslide. Photo: Kerr.

Josh Brown, frontside air. Photo: Kerr.

Martin Maguire, invert. Photo: Kerr.

Day two: The Loading Bay, Glasgow.

Alex Hallford, shoe grab to fakie. Photo: Ross.

Laing Hodson, nollie backside flip. Photo: Ross.

Jordan, up to backside smith. Photo: Ross.

Alex, backside smith up the rail. Photo: Kerr.

Alex, backside air. Photo: Ross.

Jordan, up to nosepick. Photo: Ross.

Brandon Sherrett, frontside smith 180 out. Photo: Ross.

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