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​Skateboarding emerged out of the Californian surf scene during the early to mid 1960s, and it wasn’t long before magazines were established to ensure this supposed trend was adequately represented at the newsstand. As ‘sidewalk surfing’ culture gradually matured, so too did the publications that reflected it. Over the course of the 1970s and the 1980s, magazines crossing the Atlantic depicted what was happening at the cutting edge of skateboarding progression. In the UK, domestic titles showcased groundbreaking tricks taking place on home turf, but they also granted an untold number of passionate enthusiasts their 15 minutes of printed fame. In doing so, pioneering British magazines built up a strong sense of community around themselves and helped to connect the scene as a whole.

This all encompassing ethos was woven into the fabrics of earlier British publications such as Skateboard!, R.A.D., Sidewalk and Document, all of whom paved the way for the captivating skate media found in the UK today.


British skateboarding has always been a constantly evolving entity. Hour-by-hour the scene grows, fresh talent appears, and unique and inspiring events unfold. With each passing day there is more skateboarding to be marveled at, more stories to be told, and more voices to be heard.

And that is why The Skateboarder’s Companion has been willed into existence: to further broaden the sheer amount of exemplary UK skateboarding being put in front of our global community, whilst providing skaters from all over the UK and Ireland with a quarterly lifeline to the burgeoning British scene.

The Skateboarder’s Companion is dedicated to showcasing skateboarding regardless of where on our gathering of islands it may be taking place, to bringing you new and emerging talent and providing the established skaters of the UK an additional stage via which they can gain significant national attention. Included within each issue you will also find profiles on entrenched companies, trick tips, giveaways, current affairs, information on physical and mental wellbeing, and a peppering of skateboarding history.

The online arm of The Skateboarder’s Companion is devoted to bringing you a near constant yet finely curated stream of UK skateboarding content. We’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest relevant news and features, whilst ensuring that you’re being regularly bestowed with exclusive video, photos, and articles.

The landscape of UK skateboarding has never been as proficient, diverse, or exciting as it is right now. With that in mind, we couldn’t have picked a better moment to be embarking upon this journey.


Welcome to The Skateboarder’s Companion!


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