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AMFAS - 'Pentacles' - full video online now!

As the world began to shut its doors and batten down its hatches at the beginning of 2020, the AMFAS crew picked up a couple of VX2100’s and hit the streets on a quest to pull together a full length film of the gang in their respective home towns across England and Belgium. 18 months, three lockdowns, and a bunch of COVID induced logistical nightmares later, Lewis Royden & Will Berry have released Pentacles - a ten part, fifty minute DVD featuring Mani Haddon, Shaun Wilkinson, Seb Batty, Gianni Perez-Hernandez, Max Cotterill, James Denning, Grant Peacock and Oan Vanhaverbeke. Plus a seriously heavy list of friends too, including the likes of Neil Worthington, Ricky Davidson, Harry Lintell, Jiri Bulin, Maite Steenhoudt, Alex Raeymakaers and countless others, and there isn’t a skatepark in sight!

After having a few sections surfacing online over recent months, the crew have decided to share the full video, so if you haven't managed to pick up a DVD yet - you can still do so by clicking here - now's your chance to 'try before you buy', so to speak. If you do enjoy the 50 minute visual feast that the crew have prepared for you, we strongly advise supporting AMFAS with your hard earned sterling and, at the very least, buying the DVD which you've just thoroughly had the luxury of watching for free.

In order:

Intro (00:19)

Shaun Wilkinson (01:18)

Gianni Perez-Hernandez (05:00)

Freek Bekaert (07:18)

Antwerp Friends Part 1 (08:58)

Seb Batty (10:27)

UK Friends (12:13)

Max Cotterill (17:10)

Oan Vanhaverbeke (19:00)

Antwerp Friends Part 2 (21:39)

Grant Peacock (27:27)

Will Berry

Phil Steavenson

Nick Glanvill

Jamie Mitchell

James Denning (30:35)

Mani Haddon (35:50)

Credits (40:30)

Max Cotterill "Free The Land" (45:25)


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