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An Evening at Folkestone 51

It's nearly 2023. A few days ago, the temperature outside was barely above freezing. If you want to skate in the U.K., realistically you've got a handful of options - brave and embrace the elements, find an undercover spot/carpark, or make use of your local indoor facility.

A few days ago, Rob Whiston rounded up a solid crew of locals and friends from slightly further afield, and did the latter, heading to Folkestone 51 in Kent for an evening of sheltered concrete merriment.

Have a peruse of Rob's photos from the session below - featuring Craig Questions, Darby Gough, Jono Coote and Max Roton - and remember to use your local indoor skatepark not only during times of bleak weather such as now, but year-round. Without regular support from their local scenes, indoor parks struggle to keep the doors open, and without indoor parks we'd have less events, less demos, and less places to skate when the weather turns against us. They really are the lifeblood of skateboarding in the U.K., so be sure to drop by and show your appreciation with your wallet whenever you can.

Max Roton - nosepick.

Darby - frontside crook.

Craig - frontside rock.

Jono - invert.

Craig - backside air to disaster.

Jono - backside boneless.

Craig - frontside smith.

Jono - slobplant.

Max - frontside air.

Max - backside layback.

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