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Best of 2021: Dale Starkie

Leeds native Dale Starkie has had a fruitful old 2021. From appearing in Thrasher to landing the cover of Vague (in which he also has a full interview), Dale has been all over the printed media game. In addition to that, he's also been working towards his next section, which will be appearing early next year in the slightly delayed, hugely anticipated Josh Hallett crafted Welcome Skate Store video Save the Date.

As the clock runs out on a productive year for Dale, we borrowed a few minutes of his time to find out a handful of the things that have caught his attention over the course of the last 12 months. Have a scroll below to find out more...

Skater of 2021: Jake Mitchell. Jake is always a blast to be around and always brings the hype that’s needed at a street spot. Even with gnarly knee injuries, he's still not scared to jump!

Trick of 2021: Brad Cromer's shifty flip in his Half Moon Krooked part.

Video part of 2021: Atlantic Drift - Saint Tom Knox. I don't need to explain why, watch it and you will understand.

Quote of 2021: Will Sheerin - "I'm just doing me". That's what he always says when he’s had enough, and just wants to go home to chill on his own.

Song of 2021: Bo Burnham - Turning 30. If you haven't watched Bo Burnham's Inside, you need to. There are some great songs in there, including my personal favourite, Turning 30.

Favourite photo of 2021: Joe Allen, back noseblunt, shot by Erin Cooper-Jones. Almost making my 'trick of 2021', but the photo just looks great and is shot by a good friend that's just recently getting into shooting more skateboarding photos!

Joe Allen - backside noseblunt, Leeds. Photo: Erin Cooper-Jones

Favourite non-skating pastime of 2021: I'm really into building very lightweight RC planes that fly in my room! I haven't done that in a while, but I find it very therapeutic.

Event of 2021: Blinky turning pro. It's amazing seeing skaters turn pro, but even better when it's a real close friend. Funny story is that he should have turned pro weeks ago but he kept on making other plans when we wanted to surprise him! But when it happened he was hyped.

Blinky and his Death plank. Photo: Paul Watson.

Road trip of 2021: The Story Skate Camp is always a good road trip. The kids love it, I get to skate some perfect skateparks and visit some local skate shops.

Skater to watch in 2022: Dylan Hughes. I don't know what he’s up to, but I’ll be watching!

The thing you’re most looking forward to in 2022: The Welcome video premiere! Lots of amazing people having been working hard on this, and it should be a great video. The rescheduled release date should be announced soon.

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