Best of 2021: Harry Lintell

Harry Lintell: the incisor-impaired likely lad from Ashford in need of minimal introduction. It's been a very long time coming, but in September - a month after his typically ballistic Northern Grit section was released - Harry had his debut pro boards for Real sprung on him at a surprise bash in his adopted hometown of Manchester. It's not easy to quantify the amount of world-class footage that Harry has produced since he first captured the nation's attention with his DVS Hook Me Up contest entry back in 2008, but one thing is for certain: he's not only the first pro on Real to hail from the U.K., but the first pro on Real to hail from the entirety of Europe. Think about how heavy that is...

Following on from where Morph left off yesterday, today's rapid-fire rundown of 2021 understandably goes to Professional Lintell, so read on below to see what stuck out to Harry during this momentous year, then quickly add one of his debut boards to your Christmas list before they sell out (again).

Skater of 2021: Kyle Wilson.

Trick of 2021: All of Jacopo Carozzi’s tricks this year!

Video part of 2021: Palace video, Beyond the Third Wave, Charlie Birch’s part! Quote of 2021: “Skating”, but with drinking action with it. Like drinking a pint quickly (laughs). Song of 2021: Shy FX and Liam Bailey - Soon Come.

Favourite clip filmed in 2021: A recent clip that’s coming out soon in the new Real production. It was a super long boardslide though some kinks. Favourite photo shot in 2021: The big backside 180 in my Thrasher interview. Favourite non-skating pastime of 2021: Stinky Can. It’s a game where you take an empty can of beer, close your eyes and spin, then try to stomp the can. It’s a very fun game, if you know it. Event of 2021: Going pro, for sure; that was once in lifetime. I was so stoked; I can’t believe it happened, still.

Road trip of 2021: The trip around Germany and Austria with Doobie, Mack, George, Chris, Max and the gang for a filming mission, just before going pro in Manchester with them all there.

Skater to watch out for in 2022: Definitely a skater here in Manchester, Mani Haddon. He’s killing it, motivated, and has the best styles (laughs). Shout out to Mani!

The thing you’re most looking forward to in 2022: Getting back to the States and seeing the boys. There’s been some delays, but yeah, I’m very excited to get back to San Fran and skate with gang gang (laughing).