Best of 2021: Jordan Thackeray

Jordan Thackeray kicked off 2021 by landing our first cover with a ridiculous channel ollie at Daveside DIY in Bristol, and from there, the phenomenally talented Essex native spent the year getting reacquainted with transitions the world over, as he came back from a knee blowout in 2020. By the time summer came around, it's safe to say that Jordan was back operating on close to 100% again, as he floated his way around the country, attending (and winning) a variety of events, and jumping on board any and every road trip available.

Have a scroll below for some of Jordan's assembled highlights of 2021, and - as always - keep an eye out for him and his trademark transition annihilation as the country begins to thaw...

Skater of 2021: Nick Remon.

West London frontside 80 to the road. Photo: Rob Whiston.

Trick of 2021: Tom Schaar’s tailblock slide the rainbow rail at Slone’s mega.

Video part of 2021: Martino Cattaneo’s Madness part

Quote of 2021: “Stay inside”. Song of 2021: Nick Johnston - Impossible Things

Non skating pastime of 2021: Bouldering.

Personal favourite clip of 2021: …and photo, would probably be the Hazard Wheels ad me and Hallford did at the Deaner.

Event of 2021: The wet comp at Rory’s mini ramp in Edinburgh.

Jordan floats in soggy Edinburgh. Photo: Kerr Melville.

Road trip of 2021: Gris-Gris trip to the nord.

Skater to watch out for in 2022: Baz Dan...

...and Tom Kinman.

Thing you’re looking most forward to in 2022: Learning to drive and tracing about in a whip.