Best of 2021: Nasir Roumou

Nasir in London, March 2021. Photo: Rob Whiston.

Somehow aged only 17 years old, Nasir Roumou more than left his mark on 2021. His own refreshing brand of all terrain skateboarding - inspired largely by 1980s vert skating - has seen Nas quickly become one of the U.K.'s most notable youths 'on the up', so much so that his signature collection from Blast Skates sold out in less than 24 hours.

It was inevitable that we'd ask Nas to give us his take on last year, so without further ado, have a scroll below now, and enjoy some of the Best of 2021 highlights that he's kindly handpicked for you...

Skater of 2021: Kyle Wilson, without a doubt. 

Trick of 2021: Jim Silver’s half cab board nollie big over the ledge. That was super creative.

Video of 2021: Probably Statue Hardware’s Plinth video. 

Song of 2021: Dean Blunt - Nitro Girls 4 

Favourite clip of 2021: Kyle Wilson’s switch heel at SB. I saw it in person and couldn’t believe what I had just seen. 

Favourite photo of 2021: Billy Trick’s acid drop 50-50, just looks so cool. 

Favourite non-skating pastime of 2021: Mixing. Watching Jahmir Brown, Jules (@julesweat) and Kyle got me pretty hyped to try it out. 

Event of 2021: Blokes Fest aha. That was a lot of fun, chaotic fun. 

Road trip of 2021: (Laughs) Either the Peterborough trip or Wolverhampton. Although to the people who live there it may not be much, it was definitely a change of pace from being Croydon bound. I skated dope spots and met some awesome people too.

Earlygrab melon wallride, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. Photo: Rob Whiston.

Skater to watch out for in 2022: Harry Haddon. I haven’t even known him that long, however for the time that I have spent around him he’s been super down to earth and got an extremely cool style. 

The thing you’re most looking forward to in 2022: Hmm…hopefully travelling around a lot more and learning new tricks as always…street stuff mainly (laughs).

Backside ollie at The Grove, March 2021. Photo: Rob Whiston.