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Betongpark Ltd at London Design Festival

Photo: Alex Irvine.

Dom Alden of Betongpark Ltd:

"When Hackney Depot decided to take part in London Design Festival it was excuse to make our childhood dreams come true: build our own mini-ramp!

Naturally we wanted to create something a little out of the ordinary. We employed a whippier-than-average transition, and cantilevered the entire structure atop a steel-frame basket. The rationale was to create something that complimented our beautiful surroundings, as well as something that was modular and able to be moved around and set-up with relative ease (the entire ramp actually fits in units within a Luton van).

This would have been the case if it wasn’t for the god-awful stairs leading up to Hackney Depot!

The ramp now lives on at Patchworks in Leyton, offering refuge from the dampness of London’s winter months and with cold pints to boot."

Daryl Nobbs - ollie out to frontside wallride. Photo: Alex Irvine.

Enjoy the full video below, filmed and edited by George Toland, featuring Daryl Nobbs, Josh Cole, Dom Alden, Sam Elstub, Anna Yu Verpelstad, Josh 'Giz' Gizlingham, Stuart Maclure. Jozef Szklaruk, Zuleha and Gorgous George.

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