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Brain Damage (1999) - full Yorkshire video

Fancy taking a trip 25 years into the past, in order to explore the Yorkshire skate scene at the turn of the century? Of course you do, and as luck would have it, Nath from Mash Life sent us over the link to Wayne Rataj's 1999 Barnsley based scene video Brain Damage, which is now waiting to be enjoyed in full below.

There's so much 90s radness contained within this 30 minute video that it's hard to pinpoint somewhere to begin. Well, Scott Hardy and Wayne Rataj hold the full parts, and the montages include appearances from the likes of Mark Baines, Carl Shipman, Joel Curtis, Cookie (RIP), Louis Slater, Toby Batchelor, Ben Welch, Vaughan Baker, Harry, Matt Harfield, Arhtur Tubb, Tom Brown, Vince Orr, Paul Silvester and many more. Expect to see a mixture of long gone and still standing spots, early versions of staple skateparks (big up Sheffield's The House - where Brain Damage was initially sold - and Hyde Park in Leeds), various traditional street lurkers, and fairly baby-faced incarnations of your favourite now-OG Yorkshire dwelling skaters.

"What's that say on the back of your hat? Yorkshire #1?"

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