Bristol mini ramp madness - Booze & Fags

Another one from Campus' film night on Saturday just hit the web, this time in the form of Bristol's answer to Cheese and Crackers, the aptly titled Booze and Fags.

In honour of the edit, the Palletside ramp got given a makeover by Mr Penfold, then Russ Heidman from TwoBit got to work filming a whole load of transition mayhem in the weeks leading up to the Campus event.

Booze and Fags is now live and waiting to be enjoyed below, featuring the combined skills of Fred Mansbridge, Nic Chappell, Harry McKenzie, Carl Harling, Liam 'Shicken' Jeffries, Nathan Budd, Baz Dan, Harry Seward, Shiloh Hraiz, Nick Shaw, Channon Wallace and Tristan Bonnomet!


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