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Capers by Camel Skateboards

Despite having one of the richest scenes in the country, full-length videos out of Liverpool have always been few and far between, owing largely to the city's collective preference of putting the act of skateboarding far higher on the list of Scouse priorities than trivial tasks such as filming.

Sice the late 2010s, Liverpool's younger crew have been taking charge of the scene, adopting Pier Head as their spiritual home, with the never-not-enthusiastic Dominic Chambers taking it upon himself to pick up a camera and document the Scouse skateboarding taking place around him. Having churned out countless classic garments over the last few years, Dom - with some help from Joshua Higgins and Jordan Leadbetter - has finally unleashed the long-awaited full-length Camel Skateboards video Capers, focussing on the emerging generation of Liverpool talent.

Waste no time in diving in below, featuring Jordan Leadbetter, Isaac ‘Ike’ Bradley Baker, Isaac Peltzer, Corie Gray, Kieran Pope, Hassn Makki, Miguel Ruiz, Paco, Matheus Dubronks, Connie Gascoyne, Ross Coker, Paul Hill, Louie Buckley-King, Leo Turner, Luke Fletcher, Vaughan Jones, Joe McGuffog, Charlie Birch, Dave Mackey, Fabes, and Andy Davidson.

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