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Cooling Off - new scene edit from Nottingham

Following on from Sneinton Sandwich, Luke Humphreys and Alex Petz are back with another 20-minute scene banger from Nottingham!

Filmed over the last three months, Cooling Off is a VX glimpse into what has been going on in the Midlands city as winter sets in. Featuring (in order) Luis Kelk, Ben Coniam, Elliot Maynard, Luke Humphreys, Andrew Holt, Ellis Blake, Chris 'Bambi' Price, Adam Gaucher, new The National Skateboard Co pro Tommy May, Bubba, Alex Petz, James Kelly, Quinn Mulvihill, Chris Thorne, George Worthington, Joel O’Hare, Conor Andrews, Luke Humphries, Kai Gunn, Myke Trowbridge, Connor Law, Killy Bigsby, Theo Fearon, Tom Bailey, Bartek Rybinski and Karim Keita.

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