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Day in the City 2 (2002)

Matt 'Swift Blazer' Swift, coming through with that vintage gold once again, this time in the form of Day in the City 2.

The original Day in the City event took place in London the previous year, and saw one skater - one filmer teams heading out around the nation's capital with a 24 hour period in which to film their section. For the second instalment, the concept was expanded upon, with the appointed teams being offered a number of northern cities - namely Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool - to choose from, though each crew now had a weekend in which to visit at least two of them to film their part.

Along for this M62 spanning mission were:

Danny Wainwright & Tidy Mike, Scott Hardy & Toby Batchelor, Ronny Calow & Bingo, Danny Calow & Bod, Garry Woodward & Stu Bentley, Mark Kendrick & Paul Heywood, Greg Finch & Rich Holland, Chewy Cannon & Greg King, Barry Dring & Mark Munson, Laura Crane & Guido, Paul Silvester & Sam Barratt, Glen Lyall & Chris Martin, and Benny Fairfax & Kevin Parrott.

Enjoy the 49 minute classic DVD rip below!

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