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Day in the City 3 (2003) - full video

Swift Blazer has kindly uploaded the third instalment of the early 2000s Day in the City video project, this time around released in conjunction with Kingpin Magazine, and filmed entirely in Bristol, Cardiff and Swansea.

Hit the pluy button below 2003 edits from the following:

Dan Cates, Danny Calow & Mark Nicolson

Ben Raemers, Carl Wilson, Lee Blackwell & Mark Munson

Ollie Tyreman, Pete Rigby & Lee Dainton

Ben Cundall, Nicky Howells & Toby Batchelor

Max Olijynk, Alan Collins & Ciaran O'Connor

Eddie Belvedere, Sean Smith & Chris Atherton

Roddy Smith, Greig Corr & Craig McDonald

Mark Bryan & Stephen Chippett

Matt Keal, Dan Wileman & Louis Gane

Matt Pritchard, Dylan Hughes & Matthew Ryan

Andy Mac, Phil Greg & Joe Nobes

Wojtek Smith, Amir Williams & Jon Drever

Tom Lock, James Astbury & Lewis Ross

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