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Death Skateboards - '13' full video

Welcome to the best 13 minutes of your life.

Dan 'Twiggy' Reeves and Dan Cates star in 13 by Lee Dainton for Death Skateboards. Rumour has it the project started out life as a welcome part for Twiggy, before things got slightly out of hand...

Also featuring Blinky, Mark Radden, Nick Zorlac, Adam Moss, Timmy Garbett, Ronnie Calow, Horsey and more, a short introduction to Keiran Waterton, and cameos from the likes of Amanda Pérez, Ginge, Mat Pritchard, Lee Dainton and Matthew 'Dykie' Ryan.

Enjoy the video in full below now, and grab a copy of Issue 13 to check out Twiggy's Push interview!

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