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Fifty Fifty - Format (1999) full video

Matt 'Swift Blazer' Swift sets his sights to the west again this week, as he returns to Bristol in order to upload the second full length Fifty Fifty Store video Format, which was released on VHS back in 1999.

Filmed and edited by 'Tidy' Mike Pearson, this 28 minute gem features plenty of footage from Bristol locals and Fifty Fifty riders James Hacker, Danny Wainwright, Matt 'Stalker' Keal, Flynn Trotman, Paul Carter, Justin Sydenham, Paul Alexander and Joe Habgood, with appearances from Eric Koston, Jerry Hsu, Preston 'P-Stone' Maigetter (RIP), Mark Channer, Vaughan Baker, Justin Strubing, John Rattray and more.

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