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Fish Supper - Thanet scene video by Danny Romeril

You can't beat a good scene video, and from the very first shot, Fish Supper proves itself to be as brilliantly grassroots as it gets. Filmed and edited by Danny Romril, this 20 minute production has been compiled entirely (with the exception of a couple of clips) within the confines of Thanet - that's Margate, Ramsgate, and so on - which is quite the achievement when you consider just how few traditionally 'ideal' spots there are within the region. As is the time-honoured scene video way, this one contains footage of everyone from local heroes, up and coming talent, and established locally dwelling pros, along with appearances from a variety passing friends.

This crew have gone out and made Fish Supper happen on zero budget, and for no other reason than, well, skateboarding with your mates is a laugh, isn't it? Remind yourself that often overlooked fact now, whilst introducing yourself to the productive present day Thanet scene - hit the play button below!

Featuring Mani Endicott, Dan McCusker, Danny Romeril, Finn Stone, Jon Vallance, Max Goffe, Matt Edgar, Alex Garman, Twiggy, Ollie Sharman, Dan Cates, Kane McArthur, Joe Fenwick Wilson and Chester Pegg.

Full Nic Powley part in Fish Supper 2 please...

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