Garden Skateboards Ltd - Danger - full video

After teasing you with Billy Wells and Scott 'Dunder' Anderson's joint section a few days ago, Garden Skateboards have just dropped the full 20-minute Danger video, giving you a genuine Scottish treat to round off your working week with.

Filmed exclusively north of Hadrian's Wall, Danger is two years in the making, and includes footage from the whole Garden squad - namely Miles Kondracki, Scott "Dunder" Anderson, Billy Wells, Cameron Lenton, George Horler, Rory Muirhead and Neil Kellas.

Waste no time in clicking that play button below now, then head on over to the Vague site, where Jono Coote caught up with Garden head honcho Kieron Forbes to discuss what's been happening behind the scenes at the company over recent times.

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