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H'Min Bam (2004) - full Scottish skate video by Alex Craig

For his weekly archival upload, Matt 'Swift Blazer' Swift sets his sights north, offering up Alex Craig's 2004 full-length Scottish scene video H'Min Bam.

Originally released on super limited VHS before a nationally released DVD version was demanded, H'Min Bam is undoubtedly one of the finest independent productions to ever see the light of day, and possible the first skate video to include footage from ever major (and minor) scene in Scotland. It didn't matter whether you were a big name pro, and up and coming am, a local legend, or an enthusiastic youth, if you were killing it north of Hadrian's Wall throughout the early years of the new millennium, chances are you appeared somewhere within H'Min Bam's 45 minute running time.

Anyway, revisit this heavyweight classic below, and expected some True North shralping from the likes of Div Adam, John Rattray, Jamie Bolland, Ferg, Stu Graham, Colin Kennedy, Ben Leyden, Seb Curtis, Mark Foster, Daz Main and Callum Barrack, alongside Benson, Colin Adam, Andy Scott, Jimmy Boyes, Ben Grove and countless others.

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