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Heathen & Friends at the Ben Devine Memorial Jam

Back in late August, the Heathen Skateboards team ventured to Skegness to honour the late, great Ben Devine at XSite Skatepark's first annual memorial jam.

In fitting tribute to everyone's favourite Skegness/Newport pint-sized madman, the whole park got terrorised, with Heathen riders Rasheed Osman, Mia Roberts, Tristan Jones and Ben Plumb joining Dean Greensmith and Ryan Hurt for a full day of Devine-like savagery.

Enjoy the edit by Forde Brookfield below, along with some sterling photography from session by Mike Wright.

Mia Roberts - layback.

Ryan Hurt - nosegrind.

Tristan Jones - frontside smith.

Rasheed Osman - stalefish nosepick.

Ben Plumb - nosemanual.

Dean Greensmith - backside lipslide.

Mia Roberts - backside boneless.

Ben Plumb - back tail.

Dean Greensmith - ollie.

Rasheed Osman - 5-0.

Ryan Hurt - wallie crossbone.

Ryan Hurt - back smith revert.

The full edit, filmed by Forde Brookfield and edited by Forde and Mike Wright:

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