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Hugo Palmer Community Skatepark, Forest Row

Last summer, Betongpark were called in to extend and refurbish the skatepark at Forest Row, East Sussex, the funds for which were raised by the loved ones of Hugo Palmer, a Forest Row local who sadly disappeared whilst traveling around Australia in February 2019.

As ever, Betongpark have done an amazing job bringing fresh energy to the fittingly renamed Hugo Palmer Community Skatepark, and Tom Lock was on hand to document part of the build, and the grand opening.

Daryl Nobbs: "It was a really special project where the family of Hugo Palmer raised a bunch of money to do something in his honour. They did everything, from pulling the money together, to working with us on site, and everything else they possibly could. In turn we went from an extension project to a complete refurbishment of the existing stuff too! At what was meant to be the end of the project, we looked at what was left in the kitty and basically roped in as many of the Hackney Bumps polishing crew as possible, and did a total overhaul. It was a weird and wonderful park to start with, and now it's even more so! But much smoother (laughs).

I am really stoked on Tom's edit. It really captures the Forest Row energy, and there are plenty of clips from the ripping local kids who would skate the empty basketball court next to the park every day while we worked. Honestly, it's one of the nicest little scenes and one of the most wholesome projects I've been a part of".

Watch the edit now to witness shredding from Lucy Adams, Diggs English, Betongpark's very own Daryl Nobbs, Dexter Harrison, Ewen Bower and plenty of Forest Row locals, then be sure to visit for yourself once the country thaws out a bit!

Address: 16 Station Rd, Forest Row, RH18 5DW

Filmed by Rich Maskey and Tom Lock, original soundtrack by Laurie Sherman.

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