In Concrete We Trust - Urbside

This July, DC and Firebrand Brewing Co. were really excited to team up and offer their support to Urbside, the DIY spot in Essex.

The project, termed 'In concrete we trust', saw the brands put forward the money to facilitate the addition of a quarterpipe to the already extensive site, which has grown rapidly over the last few years. The new quarterpipe, like the rest of the spot, has been built by the local skate community led by Mark Radman.

Finley McCormick takes the one push run-up plunge and kickflips into the OG bank.

Photo: Carl Wilson.

As well as allowing those involved to learn new construction skills, the Urbside build has been a great force for bringing skaters together, and after such a difficult eighteen months the brands were delighted to have a chance to give back to the skate community. DC and Firebrand hope to continue the project, and offer support to more DIY spots around the UK.