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Jasper Clough | Emerica Heritic Wear Test

If you happened to be skating throughout the early years of the new millennium, the Emerica Heritic will be in no need of an introduction. The deceptively simple yet hard working model was a staple part of any skate shops shoe wall in the early 2000s, and went on to spawn a number of successors that each built on the strengths and popularity of the last. Now, for 2024, Emerica have revisited the ever-popular model, coming through with a revamped version of the Heritic that incorporates stylistic and design elements from the original trilogy of releases, including the signature double-stitched TPR toe cap.

I've been skating them for a month, every day, and they're still functional. I haven't had that many other shoes that stand up to that level of abuse. - Jasper Dawson Clough

Find out more about the Heritic over the Emerica site, then check the video below to see how Jasper got on, putting his all black suede pair through their paces during day trips to Bristol and Birmingham.

Music: Jasbyffin

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