Joshua Whitehead - Foothills section from Mash Life

Joshua Whitehead is Yorkshire's leading pioneer in what is probably best described as 'grafter-tech' skateboarding. Having cut his teeth on the 'traditionally Yorkshire in appearance' streets of Huddersfield, Josh is just as likely to be seen authoritatively bigspin flip back tailing a bank as he is bombing down an active overflow channel towards a reservoir, clinging on for dear life. Concrete, brick, water, wood, felt, soil...he'll genuinely skate the lot. In fact, he's probably the closest thing to an ATV you're ever likely to meet.

You genuinely haven't a clue what's coming next with Josh, which is why his Foothills section from the Huddersfield scene outfit Mash Life - ran by Nathan Page - makes for some exceptionally riveting viewing. Engage your eyes below, then grab a copy of the latest issue of Dogpiss Magazine to find out more about the trials and tribulations of skateboarding in Huddersfield, as Nathan Page sits down for a Foothills themed chat with Ben Powell.

Good work all involved! Foothills DVDs are still available here - be quick, they're almost sold out...


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