Kaboom - full 1994 Ipswich scene video

Kaboom - the 1994 prequel to the classic Ipswich scene video Tough Guys - has finally surfaced after years presumed lost in the East Anglian wilderness.

Tough Guys was the VHS that cemented the likes of Frank Stephens, Ben Rodriguez and Channon King in the nation's consciousness, though Kaboom - released in the winter of the year before - definitely laid the groundwork for what was to follow. Filmed across the course of 1994, Kaboom was filmed on Frank and Julian Sharp's cameras, edited at Ben Rodriguez's house, and included a soundtracked curated by Ben Marr and his vinyl collection.

27 years after Kaboom was wrapped up, the master tape has been dug up by Ben, and prepared for the waiting world by Adam Mondon. Press play below now for a proper UK skateboarding time capsule, featuring Ben Rodriguez, Channon King, Julian Sharp, James Hay, Adam Mondon, Ben Marr, Ben Gisby, Richard Utteridge, Steven Coldham, Andrew Stark, James Cooper, Carl Vance, Frank Stephens (with a seven and a half minute part!), and Sam...

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