Locality: Bristol by Josh Arnott

It was only a matter of time before we made a Locality visit to the glorious city of Bristol, so we’ve enlisted our good friend and West Country stalwart Josh Arnott to give you a whistle-stop tour of his hometown.

Have a read below now, and fully explore the videos, photos and links contained within to enjoy some skateboarding history from one of the richest scenes in the country…

Josh by Leo Sharp.

Best skate spot - back in the day:

The old IBM Banks, you could skate them a few different ways, but unfortunately they've gone now.

Jasper King-Harman and Andy Makepeace at the IBM Banks, Bristol.

Best skate spot - present day:

The only answer: Lloyds.

Best local video:

Jus Foolin, the 2003 Fifty Fifty video by Tidy Mike. Danny Wainwright, Flynn, Will Ainley, Zak Pitter, Stalker, Carter...that was a pretty good crew to look up to, growing up in Bristol!

Best skate photo shot in Bristol:

Stalker's switch back smith at Lloyds, back in 2005 - off the top rope!

Matt 'Stalker' Keal doing what no one is doing now, 16 years later. Photo: Leo Sharp.

Best local - back in the day:

Either Matt 'Stalker' Keal, or Flynn Trotman.

The Flynn Trotman Mixtape from Tidy Mike.

Best local - present day:

Bear Myles, hands down.

Best pub:

The Old Duke; they have live music every night (when it's not lockdown).

Best eatery:

404 Cafe. They do amazing food and right next to Fifty. It's definitely the 'go to' lunch spot!

Best local band:

Portishead, but also shoutout to Damefrisor.

Best local slang phrase:

"Yes MON!"

Josh frontside smiths the lengthy Carwash Rail. Photo: Leo Sharp.

Best local celebrity:

Cosmo: if you know, you know.

Best local point of interest/tourist must see:

Brandon Hill is a nice chill spot, hidden right in the city centre. There are great views of the city, and I walk my dog there, too!

Best thing about living in Bristol:

The sun always sets in the south west!