Locality: Glasgow by Aaron Wilmot

North of Hadrian’s Wall gets its first official Locality visit today, as Lovenskate and Vans’ ever accommodating grater Aaron Wilmot takes you on a virtual tour of glorious Glasgow.

Let Aaron show you about below now, with some Glasgow focused clips and photos from over the years dotted about for good measure!

Aaron backside airs on the perilous tran in the center of town. Photo: Leo Sharp.

Best skate spot - back in the day:

I mean, that could have been a kerb if you were with a good set of mates that liked to shred! The GoMA art gallery in town has always been skated as I remember it. People with fresh ideas still get photos there today, and then there’s the long established mandatory picture of Glasgow out the front – the statue of the Duke of Wellington with the traffic cone on his head!

Best skate spot - present day:

Seems like everyone loves the Transport Museum, built by Concreate with big help from Toby Paterson. I’m so glad this spot got approved and built. The dangerously thin quarter, the bank to curb, the ledges and kickers…it’s all fun! We have been building The Arches DIY for a while now, and folk seem to enjoy blasting round that too!

The Arches DIY by Simie (2020).

Best shop:

Clan was the first shop I got a board from in Glasgow, it’s got a strong connection to skating with Jamie Blair - the ex pro skater - at the helm. I also have big love for Focus in the capital city; it’s helped us all out over the years. Thanks to all of the Scottish companies and shops still keeping it going; got to do something! Best local video/video part:

Any Tom Shimmin footage is solid, and Dunder’s parts in the Scottish videos of recent years have all been amazing!

Tom Shimmin in 'Dalriada' by Iron Giraffe (2018).

Best skate photo shot in Glasgow:

Jamie Bolland’s kickflip over the Mitchell Library road gap. Also, the Sam Pulley rag in at The Arches DIY was wild.

20 years later, this one is still untouchable - Jamie Bolland, kickflip. Photo: Leo Sharp. (Pic borrowed from @scienceversuslife)

Best local skatepark – back in the day:

If you’ve been to Blantyre in Scotland then I feel your pain, but it was home to my local skatepark growing up. Big ramps and a wee street section made it a local stomping ground for the likes of Ben Leyden, Div and Colin Adam. Many Scottish skaters would come have fun there, but you’d have to dodge broken glass and samurai swords. Gary and Robbo had a big part in getting this park started; thank you lads! Best local skatepark - present day:

Anywhere the skate is happening; in summer I skated the DIY a lot. But a mere three and a half hours from Glasgow we have Inverness, and that is the best skatepark in Scotland. It has everything you need there, and lots of scope for fun camping!

Best pub:

My second living room, The Big Slope! Miss you.

Best eatery:

Walker Murdock’s missus’ lasagne! Depends on the mood you are in, but there is plenty of amazing places to get scran in Glasgow.

Best local band:

It was the Fat Black Cats.

Best local slang phrase:

“Wan-ten!” – Glaswegian for “110%”.

Best local celebrity:

It was David Cosmo ‘til next moved to CPH, so I’d go with Walker Murdock on that one.

Best local point of interest/tourist must see:

The University of Glasgow buildings and the Kelvingrove Museum are lovely. The Necropolis is pretty at night and has a good view of the city. There is loads to do and see in Glasgow; I recommend cycling around and just enjoying the city.

Best thing about living in Glasgow:

The people!


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