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London Calling: 70s Skate Forum live feed

London Calling is gearing up for the launch evening on August 17th. If you are unable to make it to the capital city for the event itself, or if you were unable to secure a ticket for the 70s Skate Forum that is taking place at UCL on the Friday, then you can still watch the proceedings via the livefeed below.

Join the feed at 11am and watch on as seminal riders, photographers and industry figures discuss their experiences, alongside a screening of Hot Wheels n' Big Deals (dir. Richard Gayer, 1978) and photo presentations.


11:30 - Welcome

11:45 - Hot Wheels screening and panel discussion

13:00 - Photo screening #1 and panel discussion

14:00 - Photo screening #2 and panel discussion

15:00 - Close

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