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Lucas Beaufort's Heart - A Tribute to Skateshops - Part 1

Over the course of the various COVID-19 lockdowns, Lucas Beaufort compiled and released Heart, his 428 page loveletter to the integral world of skateboard retail.

In 2023, with travel being fully open again and restrictions eased, Lucas, along with Alexis Gautier, headed out on various missions around Europe to meet some of the stores who were central to the project, starting with Slam City in London, Welcome in Madrid, Nine One One in Bruges, Civilist in Berlin, and Nozbone in Paris.

The resulting first part of the documentary, Heart - A Tribute to Skateshops, involves store managers and owners as they highlight the importance of skate shops, and discuss the roles they play in their local communities.

Enjoy part one below now, and be sure to hassle your local skate shop for a copy of the amazing Heart book, which should still be available (if you're lucky).

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