Mash Life Fun Day, Huddersfield - photos and footage online now

Much to the disappointment of the mothers of pre-pubescent scooter riders, last Saturday, Mash Life held their annual Fun Day at Huddersfield’s very own slab of crumbling concrete…Newsome Skatepark.

In a heady mixture of (almost) post Covid restriction excitement, warm weather and the first jam since God knows when, young and old threw themselves around the park, to a soundtrack of Three 6 Mafia and Slayer. There was something for everyone.

@skateityourself were kind enough to give out free lessons to a small army of kids and adults on the flat ground (which used to be a bowl but now it’s been filled in…don’t ask). For many it would have been their first jam, and it’s always a pleasure to see them holding their own in a busy park.

The whole event was a DIY affair - no sponsors, just love from the Mash Life massive. Winners were treated to hand painted boards, t-shirts, shoes, lighters, stickers and massive foam hands; whatever next?

Massive shouts out, love and respect for all that attended from Huddersfield, Rochdale, Barrow, York, Wakefield, Halifax…or wherever you came from.

Let’s not leave it so long next time. X

Footage by Nathan Page

Photos and introduction by Tim Smith

Lewis Elliot - noseslide (270 shove out).

Connor Chadwick - almost dead...

Connor Chadwick - frontside heelflip.

Josh Whitehead - frontside bluntslide

Callum Benson - boardslide.

Kieran McDonnell - layback boardslide.

Josh Whitehead - salmon dance.

Josh Whitehead - boneless.

The 2021 Mash Life Fun Day crew.


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